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Labour Law

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Labour Law

“Meminaj” legal studio offers legal consultancy and representation before all courts at all trial levels, for issues in the field of labor law, related to:

  • Drafting of individual and collective labor contracts.

  • Representation in court proceedings, contesting dismissal, as well as demanding compliance and payment of all obligations by the employer, in cases of dismissal contrary to the legal provisions in force.

  • Representation in court proceedings, contesting dismissal and seeking return to work in the case of persons enjoying the status of civil servants.

  • Matters relating to the right to old age pension benefits.

  • Various disputes related to social and health insurance in the Republic of Albania.

  • Disputes related to salaries, the duties of the employee at work, demotions or any other problem that may arise between the parties

  • Injuries and illnesses at work, etc.

  • Issues related to the suspension, objection or non-recognition of the right to benefit from pension (old age, supplementary, premature, etc.)

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