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Business Law

Our studio provides all the necessary information on the way to act, the procedures to be carried out and the deadlines to be respected, so that real estate owners can be provided with the title and dispose of it freely and in accordance with their interests. We offer consultancy and representation to administrative bodies and instances of the judicial system, in relation to legal problems related to:

  • Registration of real estate at the Real Estate Registration Offices, the provision of title deeds, as well as any other problems related to real estate.

  • Following all legal procedures for investments in real estate for the return and compensation of the properties of the former owners.

  • The procedures to be followed for the sale of real estate, renting, use, and all other rights of disposition that belong to the owner, etc.

  • Legal consultancy regarding the acquisition of ownership, the procedures to be followed in the case of the acquisition of properties with a prescriptive prescription, as well as their registration at the Real Estate Registration Office.

  • Legal consultancy for all companies, organizations, sh.p.k, sh.a on the way of operation and internal organization of the company, drafting of the statute and internal regulations of the company.
  • Buying and selling titles to the customer’s order. 2
  • Buying and selling securities in the name or for own account.3.Administering a portfolio of securities on behalf of a client who owns the portfolio.4
  • The usual activity of the issuing agent, including organization, preparation and implementationof signing and paying the securities and exercising other activities for the issuer forissuance of securities, preparation for registration of securities in a regulated stock exchange and public market,including drafting the request for registration, on behalf of the issuer
  • Legal consultancy for procedures on the division and merger of a company with another, bankruptcy, liquidity, etc.

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