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Family Law

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Family Law

The Meminaj law firm offers legal assistance and consultancy in the procedures to be followed for the dissolution of the marriage, the preparation of contracts that regulate the marital property regime, the determination of parental responsibility, guardianship, etc. We offer legal consultancy and representation before all courts at all levels of judgment, in the drafting of deed-agreements for the amicable resolution of marriage, or other family matters related to:

  • Marriage settlement and representation before judicial bodies.

  • Pursuing procedures on the declaration of relative or absolute nullity of marriage.
  • Division of common property, division of property. Division of common property, division of property.

  • Parental responsibility, opposition to paternity, motherhood of children.
  • Determination of alimony obligation, its objection, or change of the amount of alimony.

  • The appointment of the guardian (family or not), the rights and obligations arising from the latter.
  • As well as any other problem related to family matters.

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