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Civil Law

Civil Law

The Meminaj legal studio offers legal consultancy and representation in court for all civil cases related to:

  • Legal consultancy, drafting of claims-lawsuits, judicial representation, in connection with the acquisition and protection of the right of ownership and co-ownership.

  • Legal consultancy, judicial representation, regarding the legal form of birth, change, termination of legal obligations or contractual relationships.

  • Consultancy in drawing up contracts of all types, including accessory contracts as means of insurance for the fulfillment of obligations.

  • Legal consultancy on matters of legal and testamentary inheritance, representation in court for the opening of legal inheritance, opposition to the will, etc.

  • Drafting claims-lawsuits and representing cases in court during the judicial process for the compensation of moral or existential damage, as a result of actions or omissions committed in violation of the legal provisions in force.

  • Drafting requests for compensation for damages caused as a result of road accidents by motor vehicles.

  • Representation in court against Insurance Companies for the compensation of damages caused by motor vehicles or against the Albanian Insurance Bureau.

  • Legal consultancy, judicial representation, documentation drafting, for property issues related to their registration at the Real Estate Registration Offices, at the Property Restitution and Compensation Agency, etc.

  • Legal representation before the courts of various judicial districts, first instance and appeal courts, throughout the territory of the Republic of Albania, the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights.

  • Preparation of claims and other legal acts.

  • Preparation of various requests addressed to various institutions: appeals, recourses, recognition of foreign decisions for civil effects, etc.

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