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Criminal Law

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Criminal Law

Meminaj law firm is maximally focused on legal protection and respect for all the rights of our clients. Some of the services offered by our studio, in criminal law, are:

  • Legal consultancy and assistance during the criminal process, starting from the first moments of criminal prosecution, detention, arrest, during the interrogation phase, notification of the defendant’s charge, as well as during the trial of the case in court until the decision is issued final.

  • Legal consultancy and representation of its clients before investigative bodies, before the Prosecutor’s Office, as well as before the Court, in all possible statuses that our clients may face, such as: person under investigation, person attributed to a criminal offense, as a defendant, as convicted, or as injured by a criminal offense.

  • Representation and protection of the rights of detained persons during the phase of imposing security measures, validation of arrest, detention, appeal against security measures, submission of requests for replacement or revocation of security measures.

  • Representation during preliminary investigations, drafting of initial requests, legal acts, memory, in relation to legal defense before the prosecution body.

  • Consultation and appeal of intermediate decisions taken by the prosecuting body, participation in the development of the investigative procedure by this body, requesting copies of evidence or presenting evidence in favor of detained persons, which serve to make the decision by the prosecuting body.

  • Legal consultancy and judicial representation by defending our clients during the development of the criminal process, protecting and representing them at all stages of the trial.

  • Legal consultancy in the signing of legal acts, requests, memorials, arrears, appeals and requests for review of final criminal decisions, as well as representation in the Supreme Court.

  • Appeals against decisions of the Supreme Court and judicial representation in the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court, for issues related to the respect of due process and the illegality of sentencing decisions given to the disadvantage of clients.

  • Consulting in the drafting of all types of requests, appeals and recourses related to the execution phase of the decision issued by the competent court in defense of the client’s interests.

  • Legal assistance and representation in matters related to requests for pardon, reduction of sentence, parole, suspension of sentence execution and probation, prescription of sentence execution, compensation for unjust sentence, etc.

  • Legal assistance in the processes related to the procedures of extradition and transfer of convicts with Albanian or foreign citizenship, with the recognition and execution of foreign criminal decisions in the Republic of Albania. Drafting requests for compensation for unjust imprisonment and their representation in the judicial process for this matter.

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