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Administrative Law

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Administrativ Law

The Meminaj law firm offers legal consultancy and representation before all courts, at all levels of judgment, for administrative issues related to:

  • Drafting of the necessary documentation.

  • Legal representation in conflicts with state administrative bodies.

  • Appeal of individual administrative acts.

  • Assistance and compilation of documentation for participation in tenders, proposal and preparation of concessions, obtaining permits, etc.

  • Consulting and assistance in communication with state administration bodies.

  • Consulting and assistance in concluding contracts with state administration bodies.

  • Judicial appeal of administrative acts and judicial representation before the courts of first instance, of Appeal, and of the Supreme Court.

  • Representation in the trials for the control of the legality of the act in the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court.

  • Drafting of initial requests, oral or written petitions, by means of the means provided for in the Code of Administrative Procedures, legal acts, memoranda, in relation to administrative proceedings where our clients are parties.

  • Appeal against the intermediate decisions taken by the administrative body, participation in the development of the investigative procedure by the administrative bodies, requesting the verification of the evidence, presenting evidence that serves to make the decision on his part.

  • Drafting of documentation and follow-up of tenders and public procurement procedures.

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